1. If no one is in, will PEC still clean my windows?

Of course! We don’t need inside access to clean your windows as we bring our own water and specialist equipment with us. We’ll drop a card through the letterbox to say we’ve been.

2. But how can I pay if I’m not at home?

We will post the bill to you through the letterbox which has our BACS details on, or you can send us a cheque using the addressed envelope we leave behind! Or, of course, we can arrange to pop by another time when you’re in!

3. What if my gates are locked, how will you get in if I’m away?

We always organise what day you want us to come, so you will know which day to expect us. If you could, please let us know which gate to use.

4. How often do you visit?

This is totally up to you and the weather! We tend to revisit once a month (every 4 weeks), but if you wanted us to come every 2 or every 6 weeks – that is not a problem!

5. So how bad does the weather get for you not to come?

We will come out if it’s raining – but not if it is heavy rain or very windy due to our equipment! We will always call you as soon as we know we cannot come and reschedule for another day as soon as possible.

6. How much do your services cost?

Visit our “Prices” page for an idea of our costs! It is hard to be specific online, as each property is different and we cannot give you a full quote without discussing with you, or seeing your property. The price will depend on many things, for example with window cleaning – how often you have them cleaned, the types of windows, access to your windows etc.

7. How soon can you come over once I’ve called?

If we’ve someone available on the day and it’s convenient – the same day! If not, as soon as a member of our team are available and it is convenient for you.

8. And you are insured?

Yes – we are fully insured up to the value of £5 million.